Fresh Turkey

If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call. Turkey meat platters, special dinners, roasted turkey, roasted turkey breast, ½ turkeys, large and small chickens are available upon request.

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Order Ahead - Call Us At 978.686.4075 -or- 978.686.2162

Please call a day in advance for special roasting orders or special dinners. For Thanksgiving and Christmas orders, please call as far in advance as possible.

To place an order for a fresh, frozen or roasted turkey, please order within a 3 pound weight range. We take orders on a turkey size of 12-14 pounds, (we rarely have anything smaller) up to 30+ pounds. When ordering a turkey, we recommend estimating a serving size of one pound per person for a sit down meal, assuming no leftovers. However, depending on appetites, you may want to adjust the poundage.


Fresh or Frozen Turkey

$ 3.49/lb

Roasted and Stuffed

$ 4.99//b

Fresh Turkey Breast

$ 5.89/lb

Roast Turkey Breast/Stuffed

$ 7.29/lb

Fresh Boned and Rolled Turkey

$ 7.19/lb

Fresh Boned and Rolled Turkey Breast

$ 7.19/lb

Roast Boned and Rolled Turkey or Turkey Breast

$ 8.59/lb

(all turkey parts available upon request)






Boneless Stuffed Chicken Breasts

$ 5.19/lb

Small Roast Chicken - stuffed


Large Roast Chicken - stuffed

$ 9.00 + $ 1.99/lb





White Sliced Turkey Meat

$ 9.99/lb

White Chunk Turkey

$ 9.50/lb

Mixed Dark and White Meat Chunk Turkey

$ 8.50/lb

Dark Sliced Turkey Meat

$ 8.99/lb

Dark Chunk Turkey

$ 7.50/lb

Turkey Salad

$ 7.99/lb

Boars Head American Cheese

$ 6.09/lb

Boars Head Low Sodium Ham

$ 8.09/lb

Boars Head Londonport Roast Beef

$ 9.09/lb











To complement your turkey, view our homemade fixings.